Schools out!

The North East Web Design Workshops will come to an end this month. We will have delivered 54 workshops to start-up businesses across the region.

The results have been different for everyone involved. In some cases, the biggest step forward was overcoming the fear of computers and feeling confident to click buttons and see results! For some, the technical aspects of domain servers, web hosting, and dynamic websites opened up a whole new area of knowledge to explore. Others grabbed the opportunity to use an open-source CMS to enhance their existing IT skills and jumped in head-first to create a working website.

For everyone I spoke to though, I hope that the overriding concept of what "website design" meant was the lasting lesson from the workshops. The Introductory and Advanced workshops were based on the idea that creating a web page by whatever means, laying out pictures, text and everything else, is actually the very final step of a process that begins at the identification of business and market objectives. An article is in the offing on this subject!