New ecommerce site coming soon

We have started work on a new site for a local company called Ashbrook Roofing. The site design has been done by Tor Studio. We are using the fantastic latest version of Opencart to develop the functionality. Version 1.5 is a massive step forward.
It has been a pleasure to work with a client that is so involved and informed. They have provided excellent feedback throughout the project and have helped work through functionality in great detail, really thinking through the useability of each step and bringing the end user experience to the fore. High quality images make a huge difference to a site like this and they have commissioned a local photographer: a commitment that will pay dividends in the overall quality of the site and the way users feel about the products.
A “phase one” launch will include all the functionality you expect from a modern ecommerce site, including things like one-page checkout and feature/attribute filtering. We are also working on some fancy widgetry to provide a truly bespoke shopping experience for certain categories of products.
Stay tuned for a launch date!