Digital Derbyshire conference

The name of the conference — Digital Derbyshire —  kind of made this a must-go event for us. The free coffee (and entrance) had nothing to do with it... 

Chris and I jollied to Buxton on a lovely sunny day to sit inside and look at a big screen. As I find with most of these kind of events, the greatest impact is simply that it is a catalyst for conversation and ideas about our own thoughts and development ideas. However, a couple of practical things stood out:

  • The idea of becoming (and being seen as) an expert in your field, however niche that may be. This involves being present in any related online arena, be that social media discussions, forums, blogging/comments etc. Having an online presence doesn’t mean you need to share pictures of cats and your dinner: it’s about using it to develop or support people’s perception of you before they enter into any kind of transactional interaction. 
  • Some fantastic online tools were shared by Liam Lally for taking control of a social media strategy. The full list of resources is available online.

Thanks to all involved for hosting the event.